I teach courses about politics, race, law, policy, and public history at Angelo State University. You can find syllabi for some of my recent courses here.

Regular courses at Angelo State University

Graduate Courses:
History 6322: United States Diplomatic History Since 1898
History 6342: American Social Movements

Advanced Undergraduate Courses:

History 3348: Rights and Reform
History 3350: U.S. Policy History: Violence, Law, and Politics in 20th Century America Focus
History 3354: Historical Writing About Politics
History 4340: Globalization Since 1945
History 4381: The Vietnam Wars

Freshman Courses:
History 1301: United States History to 1865 (Online and Traditional)
History 1302: United States History Since 1865 (Online and Traditional)
Honors 2305: First Year Honors Seminar on Modern Food Wars

Past Courses
Race and Politics, Summer, John Hopkins University, Center for Talented Youth, Instructor
History 600: Violence in Twentieth-Century U.S. Politics, Lecturer